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What is the end to end process for my kitchen countertop?

Many of our clients are interested to know the process of how their counters will get made. It’s not quite top secret info, so we pulled together the steps below to help you understand what goes into getting those shiny new counters installed. If your questions aren’t answered, check our FAQ page or feel free to drop us a line or send us an email at any time!


1. Schedule a measurement with one of our technicians at your convenience
2. We’ll take your countertop measurement and create a template
3. We’ll also show you some samples
4. We’ll also want to confirm your project requirements i.e. sink, faucet, edge profile, etc.
5. Choose your favourite material either from sample books, on site, or at a
supplier warehouse
6. Confirm your chosen material
7. Final quote provided to you via email
8. Submit your 50% deposit to order material and fabricate
9. Work with us to schedule your install date and time
10. Countertop installation!  (2-4 hours)

Installing new granite or quartz kitchen countertops.

1. Schedule a measurement with one of our technicians at your convenience

If you’re just looking for a FREE general quote, you can submit your request via our quote page. The more info you give us the better. But once you’re READY to get the job started we’ll begin by coming to see where the countertops will get installed so we can take a proper measurement. Because it’s important that the measurements be EXACT, one of our installation specialists will come and get the info we’ll need. Measurements can be scheduled at a time that’s convenient for you.

2. We’ll take your countertop measurement and create a template

Once we have the precise dimensions of your new kitchen countertops, we’ll create a template of the project. This helps us ensure we get the job done to perfection. We take into consideration things that you may not even notice about the installation, for example what doorways we’ll have to get through. We’ll also be looking at your plumbing so we can get an idea for whether there’s a shut off valve, or if you’ll need to shut off your water completely for the installation!

3. We’ll show you some samples

While we’re there, we’ll be happy to show you some samples. Your selection will impact a LOT about your job. This is an important part of the process. We want you to be thrilled with the final product! While we won’t give you our advice – after all, it’s YOUR taste that matters – we will show you different styles of material so you can begin to get an idea of what you might like.

4. We’ll also want to confirm your project requirements

We’ll also sit down with you to go over your other options. For example what kind of sink you might like, what about faucets? And of course the edge profile of your counter (the shape of the edge of the counter). We’ll be happy to show you some examples, which you can also find in our MATERIALS page. We’re always looking at things such as your existing appliances and cabinets to answer some other questions we have. Will the counter need to be raised so doors open properly? Does the stove slide in? Is there a cooktop cut out? Are any of the appliances gas? While most of these issues have little bearing on your price, they will be an important part of the PERFECT installation day!

5. Choose your favourite material

Next comes the fun part of choosing your favourite material. There are many ways people do this. Some like to choose from our sample books. If you like to see it in real life, you may want to visit us on site, or at a supplier warehouse. We’ve got a few different options that we can discuss further with you to make sure you’ve found the perfect material.

6. Confirm your chosen material

Once you’ve decided on your material, you’ll call or email to let us know so we can complete your quote.


7. Final quote provided to you via email

With all of the above in hand, we do the work of creating your quote. As you can see, quite a bit has gone into this process already! We will email you with the final quote. Amazingly all of this often usually happens within 24 hours.

8. Submit your deposit to order material so we can start fabrication

Once you’ve decided to move forward, a deposit is required to get your project started. Sometimes materials are ordered in and sometimes they’re already in our shop. In either case, your job gets slotted for production based on your project schedule and the transformation begins!

9. Work with us to schedule your install date and time

While we can get rush jobs done in as little as a couple days, most people know well in advance they’re going to need countertops and will reach out to us early on in the process. Of course, we need your cabinet installation to be complete before we can do our installation, so depending on the type of project you have undertaken, we may be able to fabricate them and install almost right away, or you may get slotted into our schedule around the time the cabinets will be complete. We know living without a kitchen is a major inconvenience, so we will always work closely with any other contractors to keep your renovation project on schedule!

10. Counter installation!  (2-4 hours)

On the day of the installation, we’ll arrive at the agreed upon time (no waiting around all day, this isn’t the cable guy!). We ask that you make sure your existing counters are clear (if you have counters in place already). We also ask that you make sure we have a clear path to get to the area of installation for our safety and the safety of your personal belongings. We also ask that you keep children and pets out of the way as much as possible to allow our experts to do their magic. Within 2-4 hours, you’ll have brand new counters to enjoy!

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