What goes into pricing for granite or quartz kitchen countertops?

You’ve probably seen square foot pricing all over the place for granite and quartz. A lot goes into the pricing of a counter, so it’s not as simple as it’s sometimes made to seem. Many of those prices advertised are starting points. Of course a counter can be done for that amount! But it may also cost significantly more. We want to help you understand how our pricing works, so when you call us you already have an idea of what you’re looking for and the way we’ll help you to get your perfect counters at the right price for your budget.

We price or “quote” our countertops on a square foot basis. This can range anywhere from $35/sq ft up to $150/sq ft. There are many factors involved in arriving at that price! Here’s how it works:

Steps to pricing your granite or quartz kitchen countertop:


There is a vast array of materials to choose from, as
covered in our materials page. With this comes a vast array of pricing.

A more common, readily available granite may be less expensive, while a more exotic, rare piece is likely a higher price. Quartz ranges from supplier to supplier and even within each suppliers line of products.

The good news is there’s a material to fit every taste and budget!


There are two common thicknesses of materials: 2cm or ¾ inch and 3cm or  1 1/2 inch. Typically the cost of 3cm is 50% more than 2cm. This is a style/finish preference up to the individual.


Edge profiles

We offer a variety of edge profiles, however this
greatly affects pricing. Eased or straight edge is no upgrade charge, where as some more complex edges could be an additional charge.


There are many fabrication/installation factors and design elements that may impact pricing such as waterfall edges, backsplash pieces, jumbo size island etc.


Slab Size 

Different materials come in different sizes. Some
products are only available in 120″ X 56″ whereas other products are available in “Jumbo” slabs up to 130″ X 63″. Depending on the size and shape of your countertop pieces, a portion of a 2nd slab may be required, however the full cost will be passed to the customer.

When we cut your counter top, we lay the counter top pieces out to get the best yield from the slabs. If you picked a directional granite (a granite colour with lots of movement and veins) then we need to try and book match your countertop wherever two pieces meet. This can lead to a lot of waste which you will be paying for.

Types of Quotes

Rough quote – this is provided prior to site visit and typically given within a range dependent on material

Final Quote – Once all requirements are received, a final quote is emailed to the customer for approval

When it comes to countertops here are a few additional points to consider in the total value proposition:

  • How long will it take to have your kitchen countertop installed?
  • Does the countertop company offer additional services i.e. countertop removal, plumbing disconnection?
  • Can the countertop company template without you removing your old countertop first?
  • What is guarantee on the the countertop and for how long?
  • Can I pick my granite slab or does the countertop company pick it for me?
  • How long will the company hold the granite slab I picked?
  • What have other customers said about the company?
  • How long have they been in business? Do I trust the company to make it right?


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